Response to supporting local during COVID-19

As we move to a Level 3 Lockdown next week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has encouraged us Kiwis to support local businesses wherever possible. As many of us will remain working from home and practicing social-distancing, supporting local businesses seems achievable with a click of a button. Gladly, vGRID is both a local business and our services can be provisioned and controlled with a click of a button.

New Zealand has been seen as a forerunner of flattening the COVID-19 curve globally, let's lead our future economy with a similar drive. We can all do our part to invest in our local business ecosystems, kick-starting cash flow. With a notable sense of 'we’re in this together', us Kiwis have the power to support our local economy where we can.

We are proudly Kiwi owned and operated with our head office in Hamilton, supporting both SME’s and large enterprises with reliability, performance, and control. As we have been open and available at every alert level, we will continue to service your needs post-Level 4. Contact us for any business support you may require.


We are local. Our support is a click of a button away.

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