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Significant events like COVID-19, the Kermedec Islands earthquake and tsunami threat in early 2021 have caused many business owners and leaders to lie awake at night thinking about what the next disaster could be. Not all disasters are on a global scale however, some are actually targeted, like phishing attacks and viruses. Are you thinking about an IT disaster that could cripple your business? A massive systems failure or a ransomware attack could be just around the corner. Market leader in network security 51% of businesses surveyed in a Sophos ransomware report from 2020 had experienced a ransomware attack. Paying a ransom does not guarantee you will get your files back but having a fast and reliable backup solution does.


One of our partners mentioned a recent experience with such an event. During the Christmas and New Year break, their customer had a massive systems failure that required restoration of all the data. Using an overseas-based backup provider, they began the volume restores but realised after 26 hours had passed and only 10% had been restored that they needed a different solution. They resorted to getting the disks shipped from overseas, but shipping delays turned this into a prolonged exercise.

We have always known our NZ based platforms are the fastest performing solutions for NZ based customers using Veeam Backup Agent for Windows. With high-speed UFB services available nationwide we decided to get some hard numbers to support the claim and so we put it to the test!

We used an entry-level micro server from a well-known brand and fitted it with two RAID 1 volumes: one volume with SSD, the other with SATA. We then backed up hundreds of gigabytes of video files to test as they cannot be compressed.


We performed bare-metal restores to both the SSD and the SATA volumes. The restore speed from the vGRID 1Gbps UFB connection was excellent on both SATA and SSD and both were much faster than our clients' experience. We then tested file-level restore capabilities and we received results that we expected. File-level restores are never as quick as bare-metal restores but they are only meant to be used for small numbers of files, such as when recovering a file mistakenly deleted or overwritten.

The restore facts:

Throughput Speeds
File level Samsung SSD 37 MB/sec
Bare Metal Seagate SATA 83 MB/sec
Bare Metal Samsung SSD 98 MB/sec
Time to Recover 500GB File
File level Samsung SSD 3hr 50mins
Bare Metal Seagate SATA 1hr 43mins
Bare Metal Samsung SSD 1hr 27mins


As you can see, the bare-metal restore rates are very impressive, making use of the entire 1Gbps network connection. With higher compression levels for different types of files, it is possible to get even faster restore speeds. Veeam also allows individual volumes (disks) to be restored, so you could restore a web server volume to get your web site up and running, before restoring other volumes.

Disaster can strike anywhere at any time. Have you got a plan in place to help get your business back up and running in times of disaster? vGRID provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup and restore data from the cloud. New Zealand business owners who backup with vGRID sleep better at night because with us restoring is as easy as backing up!

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