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Education finds convenience in theCloud

Education finds convenience in theCloud

With over 62,000 students in more than 800 schools being connected by the middle of 2012, the benefits of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) and Broadband Internet is a hot topic right now. But what does this mean in reality and what opportunities does it present?

For Waikato-based institute of technology the journey to being better connected is under way and its relationship with theCloud is set to drive real innovation for the education sector. In November 2011 Wintec embarked on a multi-year strategy to reinvent its IT capabilities. A key to this journey is realising the potential of Cloud based services.

Wintec was already in a good position to take advantage of these opportunities by being well connected to several high-speed fibre networks. This enabled the tertiary education provider to transition from in-house server infrastructure to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from theCloud, whilst maintaining network performance and reliability.

For an established organisation, moving services into a Cloud environment might have seemed risky.
For Wintec the stability and flexibility that Cloud Service offered has resulted in a seamless transition for them. This was combined with benefits such as bringing on new and innovative services for its students quickly as well as affordably. An example of this was the launch of a new platform for colloboration leveraging Microsoft Sharepoint. Infrastructure as a Service enabled the launch of the platform in record time and with the confidence of knowing growing or shrinking the platform was a keystroke away. This fits Wintec’s strategy to be a leader in technology in the education sector.

Servers deployed on theCloud are always isolated in organisational private networks, unique to each customer. This private network configuration creates an opportunity for customers to extend their own local private networks to theCloud over secure point-to-point fibre connections. The end result is that servers deployed on theCloud appear on the local network of the customer as if the servers were deployed in-house. This further reduces any barriers to ‘going cloud’ and has allowed customers like Wintec to transition to theCloud with minimal changes to existing infrastructure.

So if there is any concern about a change in user experience when moving to theCloud, rest assured that the adoption of ultrafast broadband, or other such high-speed connectivity, will help break down these barriers.

Imagine a world with infinite data storage and computing capacity, combined with ease of use and an ever growing catalogue of relevant services – this is theCloud, get on it today!


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